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Nairobi Hospice is a program of care for those patients with life limiting illness and their families. Hospice ensures that the terminally ill patients are cared for through a holistic approach in that

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Nairobi Hospice is a registered charitable organization that was established in 1988. We care for patients facing life limiting illness and provide care giver support and education.


Since inception, Nairobi Hospice has been offering training in palliative care to healthcare professionals, community health workers and volunteers. Since 2001, Nairobi Hospice in collaboration with Oxford

Palliative Care

We offer services that improves the quality of life of patients facing problems associated with life threatening illness, through prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification...

Counseling forms a very integral part of palliative care so the clinical team which comprises of doctors, nurses, and counselors/social workers provides counselling to patients and families and their care givers through out the time of illness so that they understand the nature of the illness and the best way they can support the ill person.