About us

Who we are

Nairobi Hospice is a registered charitable organization that was established in 1988. We care for patients facing life limiting illnesses, managing distressing symptoms associated with the illness and supports their families through counselling and training. Services are provided at the Hospice on an outpatient basis, in Hospitals and at the patient’s home. A community outreach programme enables us reach those who may have difficulties reaching our clinic for services. We have training programmes in Palliative Care that ensures that quality care is given to those in need.

Our core values

  • Respect:We treat people with dignity, Love and empathy.
  • Integrity:We are honest, upright, use resources in our custody for specified purposes and produce audited accounts.
  • Transparency: We ensure that our stakeholders are informed about, involved in and provide feedback on our activities.
  • Commitment: We provide high quality, reliable, effective and efficient services.
  • Trust: We inspire confidence by doing what is right and maintain utmost confidentiality.


To provide quality palliative care services, caregiver support and education.


A society in which patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families lead comfortable lives.


High quality palliative care services and education.

Home based care

It is not practical for patients living with palliative care needs to remain in hospitals due to the long term nature of the illness. Nairobi hospice therefore seeks to save the families unnecessary bills by making it easier for these patients to be nursed at home using available resources.It is from this understanding that Nairobi hospice conducts affordable home visits to these patients and has done so for the last 30 years.