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Services of Nairobi Hospice

EDUCATION Diploma in Higher Education in Palliative Care DipHE a franchise with Nairobi HospiceThe Nairobi Hospice teaching team hopes this information will help you to understand the format and ideas underpinning the DipHE in Palliative Care. Read more>>> PALLIATIVE CARE The highly qualified Nairobi Hospice doctors and the nurses in the team manage any other illnesses that may arise as well as distressing symptoms like excruciating pain, so commonly seen in patients with life limiting illnesses. Read More>>> COUNSELING Nairobi Hospice health care professionals who are experts in this field provide counseling to patients and their families to empower them to prepare for any eventuality. Read more>>> BEREAVEMENT At Nairobi Hospice we not only care for the patient but we also care for the family of the patient by giving them moral support. In case a family loses their beloved one we offer Bereavement counseling and support to the family members as and when necessary. Read more>>> DAY CARE Every Thursday is set aside for patients to meet at the Nairobi Hospice to share experiences and talk with the staff. It is a much needed change of environment for patients. The focus is on physical, economic, spiritual, social psychological and emotional needs of patients, care givers and their families. Read more>>> SPIRITUAL CARE Every human being has spiritual needs and That is why Nairobi Hospice Professionals encourage Patients and families to derive strength and comfort from their spiritual beliefs and convictions. This helps patients and families to be able to understand and accept their situations. Read more>>>