Nairobi Hospice in collaboration with Oxford Brookes university have been carrying out Palliative Care training and education in Kenya and Africa since the early 1990s. The graduates of the Diploma of Higher in Palliative Care have been able to engage in various roles and activities in Palliative Care in Kenya, Eastern Central and Southern African Countries that have led to the expansion of Palliative Care service in the whole region.

This Diploma is a multi-disciplinary program that is intended to equip multiple disciplines with Palliative Care knowledge and skills that will be essential for them to practice as an interdisciplinary team in the clinical set up.

It is a practice focused approach of training that empowers the learners to take charge of their learning as they focus on an area of their interest, something that has promoted deeper learning.

This is an eighteen(18) month long course that is structured in three study blocks with each block consisting of two modules, partly distant and partly face to face.

Roles candidates are equipped for.

  1.   Advocacy
  2.   Teaching & Training
  3.   Clinical Palliative care services.

Entry requirements.

  1.   National Diploma or Bachelors degree in Health care and/social care discipline
  2.   Registration with relevant discipline regulatory bodies
  3.   Possession of current professional practice license
  4.   Evidence of current proactive employment in clinical or social care set up.
  5.   Reflective Curriculum vitae detailing previous Palliative care experience (Award of credits for Experiential Learning- A.P.E.L)
  6.   At least one year of work experience post qualification

Admission process.

  1.   Inquiry and application
  2.   Completion and submitting of the application package with attachment of the relevant documents
  3.   Offer of letter of admission together with fees structure

Tuition fee

Sterling pounds 1,400