Volunteers form a very integral part of Palliative Care. Various individuals support Hospice by volunteering to perform tasks at no charge. While many of them support the Hospice  during the fundraising events, others volunteer in the day care every Thursday by cooking, serving for the patients.

Reason for volunteering: it is inhuman to see someone suffering without lending a hand for help.
A word for other volunteers: let’s always remember that when we do good, the goodness comes back to us, the Bible tells us to be our brothers keepers, us we strive to keep ourselves well let’s also zoom our cameras around to our brothers and sisters in need, thank you.

I was inspired by being part of Diversional Therapy activities in Australia with my dear Aunt, who I lost to cancer.  Being able to volunteer my time to start this important therapy at Nairobi Hospice has been rewarding and meaningful.

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back.” Anonymous

Nairobi hospice

Been a volunteer for a year. I choose to volunteer because i wanted to share my talent as a gift in the music therapy which cheers, uplifts and heals. Every one has something to give back to the society, for me its the music therapy which is a language of it own that is understood by all because it communicates with the heart.

My name is Evelynn Grace Kanya. I have been a volunteer with the hospice from 2014. I started as a volunteer at  the children’s cancer ward 1E way back in the year 2002. We used to go visit with other youths from church . But after a visit to the hospice for a daycare session i became a member and have since trained as a palliative care giver. I am passionate about people moreso the suffering in our community . It gives me great joy and contentment to be able to help humanity .

I am eternally grateful to Nairobi Hospice for their dedication and selfless efforts towards palliative care to our patients and their families . I would also invite more people to join the efforts of the Hospice as partners or even volunteers . You are welcome to give your time and resources . It is a very noble and fulfilling task.


These are individuals, schools and corporates who have a passion for palliative care and believe in our cause. They help the Hospice realize its vision of a society in which patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families lead comfortable lives.

Many Friends of Hospice have walked the journey of compassion and hope donating their resources to the Hospice and touched many lives for many years. We would not be able to achieve this much, without their sacrifice and support. For this, we are forever grateful.

They have supported us not only by taking part in our fundraising activities like the annual golf tournaments, annual walks and voices for hospices that comes biennial, but also donated financially and in-kind, which has seen us expand our services reached out to many more patients and now, after many years, we have our new clinic facility.

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