The Education department is one of the critical departments at Nairobi Hospice that is concerned with Education, Training and research in Palliative Care.

Having been the first of its kind in East, southern and central Africa it has played a pivotal role in advancement of Palliative Care education and clinical practice in Kenya and Africa at large.

Since its inception in 1991, we have trained over eight ( 8) diploma cohorts with alumni numbering over two (200) hundred graduates who Our Graduates have gone ahead to take active roles such as leadership roles, advocacy, lecturing, mentorship and as clinical practitioners in Palliative Care in Kenya and Africa at large.

It headed by The head of education officer who coordinates trainings, education and Research.

The trainings in Palliative Care are as follows:


  • Coordination of students’ placements for practical experience in Palliative Care
  • Research activities at the hospice in collaboration with individuals, organizations and other institutions of higher learning.
  • Hosting presentations, nonresidential conferences Palliative care, and related subjects.

The path to becoming a Palliative Care practitioner is both a challenging and a rewarding experience that will ultimately require you to reflect on your clinical practice, apply critical thinking skills and engage in research in order to base your practice on scientific evidence, patients and family preferences and values and individual expertise. This approach of care will in no doubt ensure improved quality of life of patients and families you care for throughout the patients’ disease trajectory, which is the hallmark of Palliative Care.

The department boast of highly qualified lecturers and trainers in Palliative Care with hands on experience who are committed to guide our students to achieve their learning objectives, become responsible and dependable practitioners and graduate on time.

Our library has some of the best books on Palliative Care training and practice with a conducive study environment. Our training hall is well equipped, spacious and very conducive for learning with no distraction.

For more information, contact the Acting Head of Education:

Stelle Kathambi
P.O Box 74818-00200 City Sq., Nairobi Kenya

Telephone: 0202712361/2719383, +254732690077

Mobile +254725853650